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It's May and our newest theme Sixth Avenue sweeps in.

Its clean, minimalistic styling stands out with elegant typography and sophisticated details. It is topped by the unique and optional fullscreen overlay navigation.

Sixth Avenue features two brand new Widgetkit widgets. The Slider, which allows you to scroll through items using the mouse or touch gestures and the Parallax.




New Models

New Models



Hair & Make-Up

Hair & Make-Up

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Opinions and thoughts...

  • Press 1
    „Blog articles can be displayed inside the Grid widget to create a dynamic news or magazine style layout by using WordPress or Joomla instead of custom content.“
  • Press 2
    „Display content as a responsive carousel using the new Slider widget. You can scroll through the list of items using the mouse, touch gestures or a classical navigation.“
  • Press 3
    „This theme presents the new Parallax widget. You can adjust a number of different aspects, such as the velocity and position of your widget's title, content and media.“
  • Press 4
    „You can enable the Offset option in the Block Appearance section of the Warp administration so that panels inside that position will be pulled up for a dynamic layout.“
  • Press 5
    „Sixth Avenue Theme offers a setting to display the initial character of articles as a drop cap. This option can be applied to each layout inside the Warp administration.“
  • Press 6
    „Widgetkit features the option to present a second image as an overlay on hover. Just add another media field to the content section inside the Widgetkit administration.“