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Vivienne Sabó brings us closer to unraveling the appeal of the image of the "true French girl".

No other myth of femininity has had such effect on the world of beauty as the myth of the Parisian women - icons of style, beauty, and immediate sophistication. Can someone solve this riddle? Or all we can do is just guess the proportions, in which ease, playfulness, love for life, delicate taste, and attention to detail are mixed in it?

Vivienne Sabó lets us have a glimpse underneath the mysterious veil. The aroma of violets, that adorns the makeup collection, brings about the feel of Paris in bloom - after all violets are its imperishable symbol, a token of rebirth of life, love and spring. The polka dot, decorating the packaging, is one of the most romantic French prints - the utter classics.

Makeup by Vivienne Sabó is the manifestation of feminine romance, ease, love of life, and elegance.

Vivienne Sabó is a brand with a beautiful story, named after its lovely character.

Pre-war Paris.

Young students at the Sorbonne, Vivienne and Louis were in love and happy. Having passion for chemistry, they were both looking for an opportunity to put their talents to use. Vivienne, being overwhelmingly beautiful, loved makeup and used the acquired knowledge and intuition to create her own. Louis helped her, and they worked on inventing new formulas of mascaras, lipsticks, and eyeliners in a small home laboratory. They were making notable advances and were dreaming about having their own lab.

Vivienne has always inspired Louis. The story of Josephine’s violet that Vivienne told him struck him to the heart. It describes an event that forever made violets a symbol of love. Josephine’s favorite flowers violets have always brought her luck. A bouquet of violets was the harbinger of her release from prison. Dressed in a gown, ornate with violets, she won the heart of the young General, who later became the Great Emperor and her husband. Every year on the day of their wedding, March 9, Napoleon gave his Josephine a delicate bouquet of violets. Inspired by the Great Frenchman
and driven by his ineffable love for Vivienne, 

Louis gave her a bouquet of violets every morning. 

Then everything changed… The war intervened in the lives of many French in the early 40s. Louis joined the army to protect his Homeland. In parting, he gave his beloved Vivienne a pot of violets with a promise: "My soul stays with you in these delicate flowers. I can thus be with you every morning. And if the fate drives us apart, the violets will tell you about it"...

These violets had become the most important thing in Vivienne’s life ever since. Every morning with a trembling heart, she stole a glance at them, cherishing the hope that her beloved one is still alive. Then one day she woke up to a faded flower: its petals lay lifeless on the windowsill. She soon got the news that Louis died…

This is where Vivienne’s diary ends, and her trace gets lost in the post-war Europe...

This touching bright story of a young French woman served as inspiration for creating the makeup brand Vivienne Sabo. Vivien's dreams came true. After all, the love that lived in them was real. A true love is always reborn, just like violets blossom in Paris every spring..

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